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Microsoft To-Do: The Best Organizer Tool in Creating and Sharing Task Lists

Remember the days when we used to jot down tasks and to do’s on our diaries, stick notes and stationery pads? We’ve all been there- but most of us lost track of our notes and never got anything done.

Some of us may have also used tools like sticky notes, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft OneNote.

Sadly, none of the tools listed above allows us to create tasks and processes that can be reused and assigned to staff members or shared with co-workers and teams. Having the best organizer tool to gather the information together is a must.

Welcome to Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do is a simple and intelligent to-do list that lets you manage all your tasks in one place. It is the best organizer tool that will make the work easier. You can work through your tasks for the day in My Day and create any number of additional lists to organize your Work, Groceries, Travel, Shopping, Movies to Watch – you get the idea!  

In each list, you can add as many tasks as you like. Keep everything on track by setting due dates and reminders for each task and starring your most important to-dos. Use steps to break down your larger tasks into more manageable pieces and notes to record extra details. Since all of your tasks are stored on Exchange Online servers, they’ll also appear automatically in Outlook tasks. Finding the best organizer tool would make the job easier.