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Microsoft 365 adds great value to any organisation. What you get is your trusted MS Office Business productivity suite plus a range of Microsoft Cloud Services at very affordable rates. The family of Microsoft Cloud Services includes:

Microsoft Office 365 Share Points Online

  • Microsoft Exchange online which is one of the most popular and the best email and messaging solutions
  • The combination of One drive and Sharepoint offers cloud storage and document management solution. Microsoft SharePointOnline can also create a customised workflow, internal and external-facing websites, notice board and a software development platform without learning coding
  • Microsoft Teams is on the way to become the most popular team collaboration tool. It allows you to create teams for text, audio and video chat. In addition to that it integrates with Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint and thousands of other applications to better productivity and efficiency
  • Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Booking, Microsoft Todo and many more apps are included as part of Microsoft 365, making it very attractive for every business to subscribe and benefit from it.

Register for our OnDemand Webinar to explore more and to get answers to your questions:

  • Why Microsoft Microsoft Office 365?
  • Microsoft 365 vs GSuite
  • Exploring different Microsoft Cloud Services and apps included with each subscription
  • Comparing different Microsoft 365 plans and help to decide the best plan for your organisation
  • Understanding benefits of Microsoft exchange online and why it is the best email services and messaging collaboration platform
  • Learning how we can help to set up Cloud storage and document management solution for your organisation to get access to your data from anywhere and from any device
  • Introducing Microsoft Teams and how effectively you can use it for your organisation
  • Getting answers to your questions before you invest

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