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Layers of security solutions

If you have a business that is popular and thriving then you would need multi-layer security for the same. Why? Because it is the correct way by which cybersecurity could be approached.

Why do Cybercriminals attack businesses as well as financial institutions?

One of the major reasons why Cybercriminals attack business and financial institutions is that they can design complicated exploits. The factors that assist the criminals include more connectivity even within the regions with hit/miss enforcement. Browser-based applications including networking and consumerization are some of the factors that are highly playing a role and assisting these attackers.

Why is multi-level protection necessary?

Particular installed system cannot block multiple attacks and multi-level protection is necessary. It needs to be understood that every channel attacker cannot be deterred and if a business plans on doing so without spending on relevant software, then they have to seal off the business from the external world. If the right solution set is chosen then the solutions which could monitor and block malware on channels are effective and could provide-

  • Email protection- Most of the email that pours within the inbox is spam and higher security means slower gateway servers.
  • Socially engineered attacks- Standard protection is not capable of stopping the socially engineered visit/download
  • Heuristics- Heuristics can create false alarms and disturb

Overall with the cumulative attacks, the protection is through the correlation as well as analysis. With security issues causing harm, the small or big business must maintain multi-layered security defences as it ensures overall protection.

What do the layered strategies offer?

The layered strategies can reach the current cyber threat landscape. Rather than waiting for the attacks to hit the endpoints, the layered security approaches a holistic view and keeps the networks and users secure.

Businesses looking for the layered or overall security approach would certainly benefit from the strategy. The strategies could bring benefits like-

  • Guards from polymorphic malware
  • Attacks from an email attachment, apps and others
  • DNS level security for network attacks

Also, the user error is catered to. If you have been looking for multi-layer security solutions then Mace IT Computer Services is the ones you can trust for these solutions.

What do we do?

We provide the right layered solutions for your business. We understand the importance of being protected at every endpoint and we, therefore, provide the solution for it. Your choice of the right layered security solution is viable.