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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a super popular communication and collaboration platform that a lot of companies were started using for chat, for team conversations, for file sharing, for online meetings and calls. We can download and install apps for Windows, for Mac or for a mobile device.

Most important things you can do with Microsoft Teams

  • We can create group team members like Finance, Accounts, Operations, Field Staff and so on and we can have a group chat, file sharing, web meeting and so on the team basis
  • Each team can have different channels like FY22, Christmas Party, AGM and so on with same features of group chat, file sharing and other things. Presumably, this is a group of people related to this particular project or task
  • We can have a private one on one or group chat, which could be an online chat, or it could be a face to face meeting, which you could also do through online video
  • We can download, install and use MS Team from Windows, for Mac or for a mobile device and transfer your call to different device while you are on the call without coming out
  • View status of each team members
  • View organization chart that could be helpful when working as part of big team
  • Sharing files directly from Microsoft Team
  • Adding third party apps for features like Wiki pages, Polls, Forms etc

We highly recommend you to get in touch with your IT Services provider or  Mace IT Services to book a demo to learn more and talk about  implementation, support and license management services. Talk to us if you are looking for digital efficiency and if interested in staff training program.