This is just one case study of many of our clients move to VOIP.

The client has two offices in separate locations – they both had their own phone systems and phone lines. They had a HSNS connection with dedicated speed – which is similar to ADSL and VDSL and they also had a private tunnel between both the branches for security reasons.
Their total spend was around $1400 t0 $1500 per month and our goal was to help them reduce their total telecommunication expenditure


We discussed the benefits of switching over to VOIP – Voice over IP telephony. In the past many companies were reluctant of using VOIP because of voice quality issues, which was mainly dependant on their internet speed. But with the advent of UFB (Ultra-fast broadband) across all the physical locations, the internet speed is not an issue anymore.
This is how we saved them around $400/month by migrating them to VOIP.

Summary of how we saved more than 40% for our client

Cost Comparison (excluding GST

Previous Provider
  Line Rental $42.95
Not Available from Mace Mobile Line Rental $0.00
  Voice Services $229.95
  Maintenance $8.60
  Network Services $630.00
Variable Monthly cost Calling $0.00
  Internet Services $110.00
  Misc Debits $6.92
  Total (Monthly) $1,028.42
Mace IT Services
  QTY Unit Cost Total
Phone Channel + Number 8 $10 $80.000
Additional Number 5 $5 $25.00
eFAX Lines 2 $10 $20
Voip PBX - 8 Channel 1 $25 $125.00
Voip PBX - 4 Channel 0 $75 0
PSTN for Security Alarm 0 $50 0
Internet Srevices 2 $125 $250.00
Total (monthly fixed)     $500.00

Check out the benefits of the VOIP system

  • Copper lines are dying soon – switching over to the new technology is a no-brainer.
  • Copper lines are handled by dinosaur age phone system located at your telecommunication provider which isn’t going to get updated anymore and hence you are stuck with the call features you have.
  • VOIP lines are 4 to 5 times cheaper than copper.
  • VOIP lines are easy to configure on any PBX system and comes with all the features like call waiting, call reminder, 3 way calling (included)
  • The technology keeps offering newer features over time, again unmatchable with any other systems
  • Calling charges are way cheaper
A Comprehensive Guide to Voice over Internet Protocol Technology