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There are two types of Business Owners in this world – which one are you?

When we consult with a business to understand their IT needs, we usually see two types of behaviour: the one with an IT budget and the other lot who wants to go cheap on IT.

Let’s look at the smart behaviour first.
    • The business has some set goals to achieve their performance and are working hard for it. They are getting busier and growing very quickly and hence they want to outsource all their IT requirements to a good IT company.
    • They usually have someone helping them out for their initial IT needs but then quickly switch over to a company who provides them with a sound advice, a set IT Roadmap whether it is for a server upgrade or an application setup. When the company is growing at a fast rate, they plan and invest more in their IT infrastructure.
    • They would be open to reviewing their IT requirements from time to time and they would purely focus on improving their systems by automating them as much as possible and also benefitting their business in turn by saving time and money.
Do you know if you are stuck with your IT?

Look out for these signs and you know you are definitely stuck with a bad IT company when any of this happens to you:

      • You get a sub-standard service and support
      • You keep fixing the same server/ device/ phone system/ network again and again and keep paying for the charges too
      • You are locked into a yearly or a three yearly contract
      • You do not have a back-up system in place, just imagine what happens in the case of a ransomware infection and the likes of it!
      • Your staff is always frustrated with your poor IT setup
      • You do not have any advice from your IT support company

The importance of modern technology in your workplace

Cheap, cheap, cheap is the name of the game!

Now let’s look at the other type where the business is always on a lookout for cheap stuff (and costing more to their business, staff, company morale – the list just keeps going…)

Some of the things you should be keeping away from when you are a growing business are:

      • Getting a friend of a friend to help you with your IT issues
      • Getting their help in afterhours only – imagine how the productivity would dip?
      • Letting your business down with no website hosting, no appropriate email platform
      • Phone issues and no one to manage them
      • They have no one to help during business hours and no one to advice and consult

The question here is that all the savings you would probably make while going on cheap – is it worth it? And in return what are you losing out on?

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