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Upgrade computers without spending fortune!!!

We all know the power of computing, and we also know how frustrating it is when computers are slow and not working. The productivity of your staff is dependent on technology performance, and hence you want computers should be operating at its best performance. Regular computer maintenance and upgrades ensure computers are running at its best. However, in the present time, both options are expensive and leave a dent in the bank account.

Let me highlight a few points when you buy computers and maintain:

  • Computer maintenance cost is around $100 or more per hour
  • Believe it or not, it cost even more If you are doing it yourself
  • Did you ever put the price for the time you put in research and shopping
  • The computer you bought was on special but are you sure you have bought the best computer?
  • Installation, data migration, maintenance and breakdown cost needs to be considered

Our estimate says that you will be spending somewhere around $3000 to $3500 in three years which comes to almost $100 per month.

What if I tell you that you can save you 25% to 40% over three years and you don’t have to fork out hundreds and thousands of dollars to replace and repair computers. Checkout out computer leasing program on link copied below. You can lease and rent equipment for just:

  • $49.99 plus GST per month for Ex lease computers
  • $74.99 plus GST per month for New computers


2. Free first-time Installation and data migration
3. Hardware and software warranty
4. Unlimited remote support
5. Antivirus Included

On top of that our pricing is such that you save 25% to 40% on computer upgrades and maintenance over three years. The best IT companies in New Zealand. Click on a link below to learn more

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