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What is firmware and why you need to update it?

Firmware is a type of software that is embedded into all electronic or hardware devices. Firmware controls how your device behaves and provides you with all your fancy, cool features and security.

Everything from Blu-ray players to your hand held devices – the firmware should always be kept up to date.
With each new update, there are improvements made to the way how device operates and ehances the experience when using them. There are different ways in which the download and install is handled on each device. Some are very easy to do it yourselves and mayjust require a restart.

Here is a list of devices that need a firmware upgrade

  • Modem and Router for internet connection
  • Wireless Access Points, also for the internet
  • All computers and servers
  • All printing and scanning devices
  • Cameras and security monitoring systems
  • VOIP PBX systems and VOIP Phones
  • Any other devices that are connected to the Internet directly

By registering your product to the manufacturer on purchase, you can be notified in e-mails about firmware updates. This way you also won’t have to worry about searching for updates yourself and wind up in downloading harmful software.