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Windows 10/Server 2016 TeamViewer Freezes at Signout /Switch user

  1. Open Task Scheduler
  2. Create a new basic Task
  3. Set Trigger to “when a Specific event is logged”
  4. Set the Trigger Parameters as below. You need to two triggers to resolve issues.

Trigger: 1

  • Log: System
  • Source: Winlogon
  • EventID:7002
  • Delay Task for 10 Seconds

Trigger: 2

  • Begin the task: At Startup
  • Delay Task for 15 Seconds

List of Triggers

5.  Set two Actions as per as the screenshots below. Please change the service name Teamviwer9 to the service name of TeamViewer version you are running in the Arguments section.

You can find service name from services as below

Once you have the right service name please add actions as below

You can also use a batch file to create same action, but I prefer doing without batch file.

  1. Now go to General Tab and set the user account to system and run with highest privileges as shown below
  2. Save the Task and test it.
  3. When you sign out. Disconnect TeamViewer and wait for 10 secs to connect again.
  4. For lazy people like me, who do not want to go through the above hassle. Please download the file from here for TeamViewer 9 and Import in Task scheduler, then change the actions settings according the version of TeamViewer you are running.