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Checklist Day One: Monitoring Communication Channel for Remote Work

Call Diversion

Phone calls are one of the most important and beneficial communication channels when it comes to customer service. Have you got this organised while you work remotely? Consider some points listed below:

 Communication Channel: Have you set up a call diversion yet?
  1. Is that a mobile number or home landline?
  2. Do we have any backup plan in case it fails due to some reason?
  3. How many calls are you expecting in a day?
  4. Will the person responsible be able to handle it all alone?
  5. How would you know if each phone call was handled carefully and diligently?
  6. Who called?
  7. How many calls were there?
  8. A number of Answered calls?
  9. The number of Missed calls?

This information is handy while we work in restricted mode and will also be helpful when we will resume to BAU mode.

Do you have VOIP set up already? Here are our top recommendations…

  1. All incoming calls should still go to your VOIP phone system
  2. Create a call flow to suit your business operations
  3. Set up rules to divert them to a voicemail during the lockdown period
  4. The voicemails received should then be channeled into emails for further action – either to a group or an individual
  5. Use Softphone for outbound calls where you can or else use company cell phone]

Businesses and organisations without VOIP system, you have two choices:

  1. Phone diversion to single phone number OR
  2. Get your IT company to set up a VOIP system while we are in lockdown

It is not too late, and not too expensive to set up a VOIP system for your business. With costs starting from just $50 per month, get yourself equipped with technology to survive through these challenging times.

It is essential to monitor the performance communication channel available to keep on track while working remotely. Checking on the status of call diversion will give you the assurance that the work is done smoothly.

We are happy to help if you have any questions? Send us a message. 

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