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We all use and maintain calendars & diaries. Let me know if this sounds like you are trying to schedule a services/meeting with your client, peer or anyone else.

You: Are you available next Tuesday next week at 10 am?
Reply: No, I am busy
You: Okay, so how about Friday next week at 2 pm?
Reply: Sorry, busy next week
You: So, what is the best time to meet?
You: Done; I look forward to meeting you the week after next on Wednesday at 11:30 am

So much of to and fro just to schedule and resource management. Here are some common issues that we all face:

  • Double bookings: Without a centralised booking system, staff or resources can be double-booked, which can result in scheduling conflicts and delays
  • Manual scheduling processes: Without an automated booking system, organisations may need to rely on manual scheduling processes, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors
  • Poor customer experience: Customers may experience frustration if they are unable to schedule appointments easily or if they encounter delays or scheduling conflicts
  • Inefficient use of resources: Without a booking calendar, organisations may not be able to optimise their resources effectively, which can result in inefficiencies and higher costs
  • Limited visibility: Without a centralised booking system, it can be difficult for organisations to track and manage appointments and resources across multiple locations or business units.