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Priority Service Level Agreement and Failover

Power and Internet connection is the lifeline of your business. Get assurance for your business at a small price for a higher SLA.

Imagine that someone on the street has damaged fibre coming to your business premise. Let’s take into account the damages per hour. Very first would be business productivity loss which is the number of staff multiplied by hourly wages. And the most critical would be new business loss as we cannot get further enquiries.

Getting up and running is crucial for your business, so are you ready, and what can you do? The table below aims to inform and clarify SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for Internet broadband and fibre services providers. We at Mace IT Services highly recommend to signup for Small Business Fibre plans and considering 4G or 5G failover.

What are the fibre SLAs:

Fault Reported to Mace IT ServicesConsumer / Standard SLABusiness/ Small Business Fibre
12am to 12pm48 hours best effortsBy 7pm the same day
12pm to 11:59pm48 hours best effortsBy noon the following day

What SLA does each Fibre product has:

  • Consumer/Standard SLA, Connections provisioned before 3 to 6 months only offered consumer/standard SLA
  • Business/Small Business Fibre, Chorus recently announced Small Business Fibre and BS3 plan variations that come with high SLA at marginal addition prices

Failover options:

Mace IT Services cannot provide any SLA past what our upstream offers, so in cases where a customer doesn’t accept the above restore times as good enough, you can consider upgrading to Small business fiber or failover/redundancy options – ensuring business continuity in the event of loss of service on your main link.

We do not recommend having a second port active on an ONT, or even a second ONT install for this purpose, as this will only provide redundancy back to the fibre entry in the building. Any fibre cut from the building demarcation back to the servicing exchange will still cause both links to fail.

4G/5G failover is an excellent alternative as it doesn’t run on hard cables, so a fibre cut won’t affect the service.

Get in touch if you like to know more about small business fibre connection and if you like to review your telecommunication services. We do provide Internet connection, phone lines and a VOIP PBX system that offers all the latest features you need from any phone system.