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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a combination of apps and services that you purchase on a monthly or annual basis from Microsoft or your trusted IT Services provider like Mace IT Services.

Microsoft 365 Apps includes the Office apps you may be familiar with, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. Get access to an intelligent email inbox and powerful calendaring through Exchange. Spend less time managing work and more time working with Microsoft 365’s work management tools like Project, Planner, Bookings, and To Do.


What is Microsoft 365 – Explained
Office 365 Introduction Video
Watch video explaining Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan

Why get Microsoft 365?

The services included used to be hosted on servers and were expensive to maintain for companies and required special expertise by your I.T. staff. Now they’re all managed by Microsoft, so it’s a lot easier for everyone.

Software included with your Microsoft 365.

We have the office applications like:

  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • MS Teams Planner
  • And other office web apps and the office mobile apps as well

These are apps that can be downloaded to your desktop computer, run from the web or run from your mobile device.

Microsoft Services included, and what can we do with Microsoft 365?

There are a lot of things that businesses and professionals can do inside Microsoft 365.

  • Microsoft Exchange and Outlook provide business-class email, also business-class calendars where you can share calendars of other people. It’ll keep track of all your contacts, including your company and personal contacts. Services let you sync all of that with multiple devices and give you security and administration control to know you’re protected and following corporate governance policies.
  • Microsoft 365 Onedrive and SharePoint is a foundational services for document sharing. It manages all of your content management. Users and team use it for their personal and company data to create online file storage and sharing, allowing you to store and share your files from the cloud
  • Microsoft 365 Teams allows us to chat and instant message with your coworkers. It let you make audio calls and video calls that let you do video conferencing, basically online meeting and screen sharing, and it let you share your presence or status indication with others, so we know when you were busy, you’re available. Plus, you also have all this great collaboration framework, so you’ve got the ability for group chats, you can do online meetings and shared files.
  • Microsoft Yammer, which is an enterprise social network
  • Kaizala is a simple chat application for mobile devices, and Microsoft Intune is used for mobile endpoint management. Basically keeping your devices safe and compliant, especially your windows and mobile devices.
  • Microsoft Powerapps allows you to build your own apps with power apps and power automate
  • Microsoft Sway and Delve allow you to create online presentations and lets you analyze with A.I. platform. The documents that your coworkers are using to see which ones might be relevant for you
  • Power BI is a great way to analyze data and look for trends.

Different flavours of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 used to be called Office 365. A lot of people still call it that. But also, there’s a lot of different plans that are called Microsoft 365.

  • Plans for small business, mid-sized business.
  • Plans for enterprise and corporate users.
  • Plans for government and academic users.
  • Plans for home users and different plans may have different tools and features, so

We highly recommend you to get in touch with your IT Services provider or  Mace IT Services to learn more and talk about implementation, support and license management services. Talk to us if you are looking for digital efficiency and if you are interested in the staff training program.